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Constitution of Maronitism: Al-fusul allubnaniah 1 – Summer 1980

Constitution of Maronitism in Mount Lebanon Jawad Boulos During the second half of the Vth century, the first independent Maronite Church and the first organized Maronite society were created, on the banks of the Orontes River, in Syria. Well before the Arab Islamic conquest of the Fertile Crescent, i.e., Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, those three […]


The distinctive Personality: Al-fusul allubnaniah 1 – Fall 1979

THE DISTINCTIVE PERSONALITY OF THE LEBANESE NATION By Jawad Boulos Like most of the countries of the word, Lebanon is the product of both geography and history, if is natural geographic individuality, in the midst of which lives and develops since no less than five thousand years a human group (people, nation, etc.) whose basic […]